Bio: Mikkel Stenbæk Hansen

Portrait of Mikkel Stenbæk Hansen
Mikkel Stenbæk Hansen (Director, Danish Ethical Trading Initiative)

Mikkel Stenbæk Hansen is the director of the Danish Initiative for Ethical Trade. Mikkel Stenbæk Hansen has worked for the past 15 years with strategy, policy and management in the field of environment and sustainability. Mikkel has extensive experience from work in a number of sectors, including the public sector, business, consulting industry, environmental and development organizations and the research community. He also has broad academic knowledge in the field of environmental and sustainability and considerable experience in project management as well as to generate results through interdisciplinary cooperation. Mikkel Stenbæk Hansen has recently been responsible for a number of areas of action, including work on the UN’s World Sustainable Development Goal, Corporate Social Responsibility, Circular Economy, Sustainable Consumption and Production, Bioeconomics, Green Public Procurement and Labeling, all in national and international link.