Copenhagen Business School Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (cbsCSR) is responsible for the organization of CSSI 2018. Questions and comments regarding the conference should be sent to:

Esben Rahbek Gjerdrum Pedersen is responsible for the overall program of the CSSI 2018 event. Esben Rahbek Gjerdrum Pedersen is professor at Copenhagen Business School and does research within the field of corporate sustainability, business model innovation, and collaboration.

Per Østergaard Jacobsen is responsible for the practical organization of CSSI 2018 (catering, accommodation, security etc.). Per Østergaard Jacobsen has comprehensive project management experience and has previous been responsible for the organization of large-scale initiatives linked to corporate sustainability and partnerships.

Sarah Netter supports the practical administration of the CSSI event. Sarah Netter is center manager at cbsCSR. In addition, Sarah Netter does research within the field of sharing and collaboration, mainly in the fashion industry.

Sponsors and partners

This event has been generously supported by:

The Danish Chamber of Commerce

The Danish Chamber of Commerce is the network for the service industry in Denmark. It is one of the largest professional business organisations in Denmark with more than 240 employees, offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus and in Brussels. We are a private non-profit organisation whose goal is to make running a business easier for our members. By means of political influence and expert advice to our members, we strive to create conditions that will make it attractive to do business in a globalised world. Furthermore, we seek to ensure development opportunities are maximised for the growth industries by increasing the competitiveness of our members.

The Carlsberg Foundation

The Carlsberg Foundation is one of the worldu2019s oldest industrial foundations. Here, ambitious brewing enterprise blossoms side by side with research and support for the finest science, art and culture. The Foundationu2019s Chairman is not just head of the Carlsberg Foundation, but also Chairman of the Supervisory board of Carlsberg A/S. It has been this way since 1876, when Brewer J.C. Jacobsen established the Carlsberg Foundation.

Governing Responsible Business Research Environment (GRB)

Department of Management, Society and Communication, CBS

The Partnerships Resource Centre (PrC)

The CSSI Network

The CSSI Community is an umbrella organisation of academic and practitioner organisations and individuals in the field of cross-sector social interactions. As collaborations between government, business and non-profit organisations are increasingly elevated to a generalised practice delivering collaborative public goods and social innovations, we aim to share theoretical and practice-based insights on the role, processes and outcomes of practices emerging at the inter-section of the business, public and civil society sectors. Such practices include: social partnerships, multi-stakeholder initiatives, Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), stakeholder dialogue, socio-sponsorship, philanthropy, public finance initiatives and social entrepreneurship.

For more information about the CSSI Community, see: