Parallel Sessions I

Parallel Sessions I: Track 1
Room: Børssalen

Collaboration and Health: New Partnership Possibilities

Chair: Mahad Huniche, Director, PFI, Region Zealand

  1. Michael Bzdak, Executive Director, Global Community Impact, Johnson & Johnson.
  2. Angeli Weller: Pay for Success- A New Approach for Achieving Value-based Healthcare.
  3. Chia, A. & Lim, Y.W.: The Zuellig Family Foundation: A Private-Public Partnership to Improve Health in the Philippines.
  4. Soraya Ramoul, Director, Global Access to Care, Novo Nordisk.
Parallel Sessions I: Track 2
Room: Børsbroen

Collaboration and Digital Futures

Chair: Torsten Ringberg, Professor, Copenhagen business School

  1. Mobility & Personal solutions – Sustainable Lead Denmark, Kristoffer Hvidsteen, Accenture Strategy
  2. Dr. Thomas Osburg, Sustainable Marketing & Leadership, Dean of Studies ‘Automotive & Mobility Management’, Head of ‘Competence Center Entrepreneurship’ BA, Business Academy Fresenius.
  3. MediBee Care A/S, Project Manager Michelle Barløse,
  4. MedHelp, CEO Stephan Martinussen
Parallel Sessions I: Track 3
Room: Tietgensalen

Promoting Effective Partnering for the SDGs

Chair: Rob van Tulder, Professor, Partnerships Resource Centre, Rotterdam School of Management

  1. Deborah de Lange: Cultural Factors Shaping Institutions: Do Firms Benefit in Public-Private Partnerships?
  2. Ordonez-Ponce, E. & Clarke, A.: Business Contributions to the Achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals through Partnering for Local Sustainability.
  3. Haiying Lin: Solving the Last Mile Problem: How Public–Private Partnership Scale Up Transformative Social Changes?
  4. Moira V. Faul & Jordan Tchilingirian: Governing cross-sector partnerships: how governance boards structure multi-stakeholder collaboration.
Parallel Sessions I: Track 4
Room: Komitesalen

Governance and Governance Failure in Collaboration and Partnerships

Chair: Peter Neergaard, Copenhagen Business School

  1. Seitanidi, M.M.: Collaborative Sensemaking for Social Welfare.
  2. Heidingsfelder, J. & Beckmann, M.: A Governance Puzzle to be Solved? A Systematic Review of Fragmented Sustainability-Oriented Governance from an Interdisciplinary Perspective.
  3. Bergmann, R. & Plotnikof, M.: The Functionality of Failure in Collaborative Societal Governance: A Case form Danish Educational Policy.
  4. Ibarra, A. & Canela, M.: Good Intentions with Bad Consequences: Reconciling the Multiple Objectives with Multiple Stakeholders in Prosocial Lending.

Parallel Sessions II

Parallel Sessions II: Track 1
Room: Børssalen

Collaboration and Communication: Investigating Cross-Sector Collaboration for Social Welfare through a Communicative Lens Collaboration

Co-Chairs: Christa Thomsen and Anne Ellerup Nielsen.

  1. Liselotte Gjerdrum Carlsen, Vice President, Communications and Sustainability: Sustainability initiatives in Top Toy A/S (
  2. Xabier Barandiarián, Álvaro Luna, & Alfonso Unceta: The role of public policy design labs in collaborative governance: the case of GipuzkoaLab in the Basque Country.
  3. Lea Stadtler, Haiying Lin, & Oana Branzei: Between the ‘Self’ and ‘Others’: Evolutions in Firms’ Collaborative Conceptions in Environmental Partnerships.
  4. Irene Quist Mortensen, CSR Business Partner for Arla International: CSR and sustainability initiatives in Arla International (
  5. Yang, A., Liu, W., & Wang, R.: Discourse of the Cross-Sector Alliances Networks in the Global Refugee Crisis: A Global Perspective on Digital CSR Communication
  6. Okezie Emuaga, Annmarie Ryan, John Lannon: The Making of Humanitarian NGO Supply Networks: The Effects of Competing Institutional Logics in the Coordination Challenge.
Parallel Sessions II: Track 2
Room: Børsbroen

Collaboration for Governance and Policy Transformations

Chair: Jacqueline Bowman, CEO, Third-I

  1. Mette Qvist, CEO, Sustainable Buildings – Green Building Council,
  2. Charan Nelander, Director, Patient Empowerment – Danish Committee for Health Education,
  3. Lotte Hansen, Founder, iloveGlobalGoals
  4. Signe Skibstrup Blach, Danish Ministry for Environment and Food, World Food Summit.
Parallel Sessions II: Track 3
Room: Tietgensalen

Collaboration and Sport: Driving Social Change?

Chair: Tim Breitbarth, European Association for Sport Management

  1. Tim Breitbarth, European Association for Sport Management.
  2. Patrick Gasser, Head of Football and Social Responsibility, UEFA.
  3. Søren Bennike, Danish Football Association (DBU).
  4. Dorte Vibjerg, CEO, Sparta.
Parallel Sessions II: Track 4
Room: Komitesalen

Collaborative Business Models for a Circular Economy

Co-chairs: Deborah de Lange, Ryerson University and Rumina Dhalla, University of Guelph

  1. Brown, P., Bocken, N.M.P., Balkenende, A.R.: Towards an understanding of the collaborative processes and dynamics in circular networks: Integrating Literature and Practice.
  2. Myrthe Velter, Verena Bitzer, Henk Diepenmaat, Nancy Bocken & Rene Kemp: Collaborative Business Models in the Circular Economy: managing Boundaries of Value.
  3. Inge Oskam, Bart Bossink and Ard-Pieter de Man: Valuing value in innovation ecosystems: collaborative creation and capture of value in smart city projects for a circular economy.
  4. Marianne Lyngsaae, Brenntag Nordic: Generation of and Use of Secondary  Chemical Resources.