Parallel Sessions I

Parallel Sessions I: Track 1

Thematic session: Collaboration and Health: New Partnership Possibilities

Chair: Mahad Huniche, Region Zealand

  1. Michael Bzdak, Executive Director, Global Community Impact, Johnson & Johnson.
  2. Angeli Weller: Pay for Success- A New Approach for Achieving Value-based Healthcare.
  3. Chia, A. & Lim, Y.W.: The Zuellig Family Foundation: A Private-Public Partnership to Improve Health in the Philippines.
  4. Soraya Ramoul, Director, Changing Diabetes, Novo Nordisk
Parallel Sessions I: Track 2

Collaboration and Digital Futures

Chair: Torsten Ringberg, Professor, Copenhagen business School

  1. Mobility & Personal solutions – Sustainable Lead Denmark, Kristoffer Hvidsteen, Accenture Strategy
  2. TBA
  3. TBA
Parallel Sessions I: Track 3

Promoting Effective Partnering for the SDGs

Chair: Rob van Tulder, Partnerships Resource Centre, Rotterdam School of Management

  1. Deborah de Lange: Cultural Factors Shaping Institutions: Do Firms Benefit in Public-Private Partnerships?
  2. Ordonez-Ponce, E. & Clarke, A.: Business Contributions to the Achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals through Partnering for Local Sustainability.
  3. Haiying Lin: Solving the Last Mile Problem: How Public–Private Partnership Scale Up Transformative Social Changes?
  4. Moira V. Faul & Jordan Tchilingirian: Governing cross-sector partnerships: how governance boards structure multi-stakeholder collaboration.
Parallel Sessions I: Track 4

Governance and Governance Failure in Collaboration and Partnerships

Chair: tbc.

  • Seitanidi, M.M.: Collaborative Sensemaking for Social Welfare.
  • Morsing, M.: CSR as the New Development Agents?
  • Heidingsfelder, J. & Beckmann, M.: A Governance Puzzle to be Solved? A Systematic Review of Fragmented Sustainability-Oriented Governance from an Interdisciplinary Perspective.
  • Bergmann, R. & Plotnikof, M.: The Functionality of Failure in Collaborative Societal Governance: A Case form Danish Educational Policy.
  • Ibarra, A. & Canela, M.: Good Intentions with Bad Consequences: Reconciling the Multiple Objectives with Multiple Stakeholders in Prosocial Lending.

Parallel Sessions II

Parallel Sessions II: Track 1

Thematic session: Collaboration and Sport/Culture: Building better societies through new partnerships

Chair: Tim Breitbarth,

  • Tim Breitbarth, Faculty of Management, Bournemouth University.
  • Patrick Gasser, UEFA,
  • Søren Bennike, Danish Football Association (DBU).
  • Dorte Vibjerg, CEO, Sparta
Parallel Sessions II: Track 2

Collaboration for Governance and Policy Transformations

Chair: Lara Hale, Post. Doc, CBS Department of Management, Society and Communication.

  • Mette Qvist, CEO, Sustianable Buildings – Green Building Council.
  • Charan Nelander, Director, Patient Empowerment – Danish Committee for Health Education.
  • Lotte Hansen, Founder, iloveGlobalGoals

Parallel Sessions II: Track 3

Collaboration and Communication: Investigating Cross-Sector Collaboration for Social Welfare through a Communicative Lens

Co-Chairs: Christa Thomsen, Wim J.L. Elving, Urša Golob, Anne Ellerup Nielsen, Klement Podnar.

  • Xabier Barandiarián, Álvaro Luna, & Alfonso Unceta: The role of public policy design labs in collaborative governance: the case of GipuzkoaLab in the Basque Country.
  • Yang, A., Liu, W., & Wang, R.: Values and Structural Dynamics in Cross-Sectoral Alliance Networks for Global Refugee Crisis: A National Business System Approach.
  • Stadtler, L. : Between the ‘Self’ and ‘Others’: Evolutions in Firms’ Collaborative Conceptions in Environmental Partnerships.
  • Okezie Emuaga, Annmarie Ryan, John Lannon: The Making of Humanitarian NGO Supply Networks: The Effects of Competing Institutional Logics in the Coordination Challenge.
Parallel Sessions II: Track 4

Collaborative Sustainable Business Models for a Global Circular Economy

Co-chairs: Deborah de Lange, Ryerson University and Rumina Dhalla, University of Guelph

  1. Brown, P., Bocken, N.M.P., Balkenende, A.R.: Towards an understanding of the collaborative processes and dynamics in circular networks: Integrating Literature and Practice.
  2. Myrthe Velter, Verena Bitzer, Henk Diepenmaat, Nancy Bocken & Rene Kemp: Collaborative Business Models in the Circular Economy: managing Boundaries of Value.
  3. Inge Oskam, Bart Bossink and Ard-Pieter de Man: Valuing value in innovation ecosystems: collaborative creation and capture of value in smart city projects for a circular economy.